Expand your business reaches and opportunities by providing the highest-quality pumps with the frontrunner of pump manufacturing company, Sujal Engineering.

Acquire the dealership with our company and supply the premium pumps across the country with the constant support and extensive product services.

Why Choose Us?

Sujal Engineering and Pumps are the chief manufacturers and suppliers of the high-quality pumps throughout India. The pumps manufactured in our factories are being used in various industries and a notable number of applications in domestic field too. We are motivated to produce the pumps by the usage of superior grade component for the longevity and endurance of the product.

Our significant products manufactured under SCPP series are: filter press pump, vertical sump pump, corrosion resistant polypropylene pump, non-metallic pump, jet dyeing pump, centrifugal pump, process pump, slurry pump, self-priming non clog pump.


  • Providing A-Grade product without compromising the quality
  • A flexible and clear business policies
  • Outstanding 24/7 product and telecommunication services
  • Tremendous experience in the respective field
  • -rioritizing client’s demands and requirements above all
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