Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical & Oil Industries

Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Oil Industries

Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Oil Industries

Chemical and oil are two of the most essential products for mankind. This particular set of products is not only pivotal to human survival but is also responsible for the developmental process. Resultantly, the chemical and oil industry has expanded rapidly, giving birth to a plethora of oil and chemical processing units. Interestingly, industrial pumps are critical to the function of these manufacturing units.

Chemical manufacturing facilities use various kinds of valuable liquid compounds such as acids, caustics, solvents, and polymers in the production process. Likewise, oil & gas units deal with various forms of liquids in the refining and production process. However, these liquids can be extremely hazardous and require effective fluid management to ensure a perfectly safe and efficient production process. This is where industrial pumps enter the game.

Industrial pumps form a very important component of any oil drilling and chemical processing rig. Essentially they offer a means to transport slurry/liquid from one place to another and are used for filtration and other industrial applications. In most cases, chemical and oil industries employ the services of Centrifugal Pumps for their requirements.

Why Centrifugal Pumps Are Majorly Used In Chemical & Oil Industries

Centrifugal pumps are the most common type of slurry pumps used in the chemical and oil industries. The working principle of these pumps majorly depends on one or more impellors that transfer liquid via rotational force. The robust design of the centrifugal pumps makes them highly useful for a wide range of industrial applications. They are highly demanded for industrial processes that handle low viscosity liquids and high flow rates.

Centrifugal Process Pump

Centrifugal Pumps are highly demanded by the chemical industry because of their strong capacity to handle & transfer corrosive liquid. In the chemical industries, centrifugal pumps are mostly used to move the liquid compounds from one place to another. For instance, the liquids from containers need to be transferred to the main production area. Since the chemical liquids pose an imminent hazardous threat, centrifugal pumps perform a great job at transferring these liquids. Additionally, the chemicals often get mixed and diluted with other materials during the production process. At this point, centrifugal pumps offer a safe and effective filtration system to recover the original chemical without the risk of leakage.

Likewise, centrifugal pumps are also majorly used in the upstream oil and gas industrial units. They are used as an important part of the tri-phase or multiphase pumping applications. Even in the oil & gas industry itself, various forms of centrifugal pumps are employed for a wide range of applications. For instance, Electric Submersible pumps are recognized as oil and water separator. They offer a unique solution whereby the water gets re-injected into the reservoir without lifting it to the ground surface. Centrifugal pumps are also useful for transporting large volumes of low viscosity liquids in a short time frame. Moreover, these pumps hold the capacity to pump several hundred gallons of liquid per minute.

Advantages of Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical and Oil Industries

– Simple design and ease of operation

– Capacity to deal with large volumes of liquid

– Smaller size, resulting in minimal space usage

– Low capital cost

– Easy maintenance

– Works well with medium to low viscosity fluid

– Continuous pulsation-free delivery

– Minimum wear & tear in case of corrosive and abrasive liquids.

On A Final Note

Due to their excellent design and remarkable specifics, centrifugal pumps have found specialized applications in the chemical and oil industries. These pumps are well-designed to perfectly handle and transfer corrosive liquids as well as low viscosity liquids with high flow rates.

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