Right Pump For Heat Transfer Fluid – A Brief Guide

Right Pump For Heat Transfer Fluid A Brief Guide Sujal Engineering

Right Pump For Heat Transfer Fluid A Brief Guide Sujal Engineering

The heat transfer pump is used to circulate the liquid to maintain the temperature and provide cooling to the machinery. Each machinery work on a specific temperature if the temperature goes beyond that standard limit, then the machine starts to distort, which affects productivity. The heat transfer pump is used to prevent this situation, which decreases the temperature and increase the durability of the machine by giving cooling.

During the working situation, the temperature of thermal oil can reach up to 350 °C. So there is a necessity of the colling section, to reduce a high temperature, which is used between the pump casing and the shaft seal. the temperature is reduced to employ the plain bearing and standard mechanical seal.

Sujal Engineering has developed highly efficient heat transfer industrial pumps. With the years of experience to develop industrial pumps, we are manufactured superior quality heat transfer pumps for different industrial applications.

Our Heat Transfer Industrial Pumps:

  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Air Cooled Pumps
  • Horizontal Multistage Pumps

#1. Centrifugal Process Pumps:

Our specially designed Centrifugal Process Pump is the most preferred pump for heat transfer industrial applications. We used High-quality impeller, which provides high efficiency to transfer liquids in industrial applications. Our heavy-duty pump is capable of handling a wide spectrum of corrosive, hazardous, and aggressive liquids in industrial applications.

Centrifugal Process Pump

Salient Features: 

  • Heavy-duty process design
  • High Efficiency
  • The back pullout design makes the inspection and maintenance process easy
  • Low maintenance
  • High productivity due to three bearing design

#2. Air Cooled Pumps:

Sujal Engineering has manufactured heavy-duty Air-Cooled Pumps for high-temperature applications. It is a cost-effective heat transfer pump for various industrial applications. Our unique design allows the motor and bearing environment to be at a much lower temperature than the process fluid. Our Air cooled pump are the most effective air-cooled industrial pump in the market, which provides high quality & high efficiency in transferring high-temperature fluids in different industrial applications.

Air Cooled Pump

Salient Features:

  • Standard motor insulation and bearing
  • Discharge flange is at top and radial
  • Low maintenance
  • Centerline supported casing
  • Heat resistant mechanical seal

#3. Horizontal Multistage Pumps:

Sujal Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Horizontal Centrifugal Multi-Stage Pump. Our pump is a heavy-duty process pumps specially designed for high-pressure applications to circulate heat transfer fluid. It gives high efficiency and superior performance to transfer high-temperature liquids in industrial applications.

Horizontal Multistage Pump

Salient Features:

  • Low noise
  • Long service life
  • Enclosed impeller
  • Flanged connection
  • Robust Construction

Sujal Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal pumps, air-cooled pumps, horizontal multistage pumps, and many more industrial pumps in India or across the world. Our pumps are manufactured under a highly-skilled engineers team and with the latest technology, so it will you use in any industrial applications. Also, we manufacture pumps as per client requirements and customization.

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