Vertical Centrifugal Pump – A Brief Guide

Vertical Centrifugal Pump – A Brief Guide

Vertical Centrifugal Pump – A Brief Guide

“Vertical Centrifugal Pump”

Do you have any idea about this pump??

Or you’re thinking that both pumps are different?

All these types of questions are arising in your minds. Don’t think too much!!

Basically, Centrifugal Pump is designed to move liquids from one place to another. A vertical pump is a type of centrifugal pump in which centrifugal force is used that’s why it’s called vertical centrifugal pump.

Importance of Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Centrifugal Pump is important because…

It is designed to provide services in applications with a low net positive suction head (NPSH), cryogenic temperatures and cooling water services. Vertical Centrifugal Process is the most or widely used pump in various industries. A vertical pump saves floor space, as it uses 75% less floor space than a horizontal pump with an electric motor drive. It can be installed in a well which easily removes the need for a surface reservoir or tank.Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Vertical pumps driver is up off the floor, and because of that, there are fewer chances of damage due to flooding. It is the most important pump for chemical plants, mining industry etc. because it has anti-friction bearing which is protected from water spray as they are located in motor above the pump. And it has an advantage of low maintenance. Vertical Centrifugal Pump is a highly demandable pump in South African mining industries to transfer aggressive slurries.

But there’s a catch.

In the fast-growing industrial market, providing high strength and a maintenance-free vertical pump is the main challenge for various industrial pump manufacturers. Because day-by-day the vertical pumps are getting slow down and not capable to give that much power to remove water, chemical, sewage and slurries and other corrosive liquids. To remove a high concentration slurry is one of the biggest problem various industries are facing now!!

They are looking for uniquely designed high-pressure pumps that provide fast service to eliminate high concentration slurry, water, chemical and sewage in pump applications or other processing plants.

Here’s the deal.

Sujal Engineering is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial pumps. We have a proven track record of supplying high capacity and high-efficiency industrial pumps to various plants like chemical, water treatment, utility circulating water seawater, raw water intake, sewage and slurries in many more industries and applications. Our pumps are designed using the most advanced technology under the guidance of our highly skilled and experienced team.

Sujal Engineering, a market leader in industrial pump manufacturing comes with an innovative solution of transferring high aggressive liquid from one place to another. Our uniquely designed vertical centrifugal pump suitable for transferring liquids of low viscosity, non-stop inflammable and non-explosive, not containing solid particles or fibers.

Type: Side Suction Centrifugal Pump (With semi-open Impeller)

Capacity: up to 300 m3/hr
Head: up to 35 mtr
Pressure: up to 3.5 kg/cm2
Size: 25 mm to 125 mm
Speed: up to 2900 rpm
Temperature: up to 50°C
M.O.C.: CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C,CD4MCU,etc……

Salient Features:

  • High head per stage
  • High capacity
  • Heavy-duty casings and impellers
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust Design

The best part.

Sujal Engineering supplies industrial pumps in India and various other countries with value-added service and engineering solution to improve pump reliability, reduce pump life cycle costs and extend pump life. If you are looking for the best and innovative vertical centrifugal pump for your current industrial application of transferring any liquid from one place to another then this pump is the best choice.

With the experience of more than 10 years in industrial pump market, we also manufacture various other types of pumps like a slurry pump, centrifugal pump, air cooled pump, filter press pump etc. To know more about our product range visit our website:

For any additional information email us at:, and our representative will contact you back with more detailed information.

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