Air Cooled Pump – [The Ultimate Guide]

Air Cooled Pump The Ultimate Guide

Air Cooled Pump The Ultimate Guide

Sujal Engineering has designed various kind of industrial pumps in last 10 years. Pumps manufactured by Sujal Engineering is famous for his capacity and long life characteristics.

We are serving in a various industrial sector by providing our premium pumps as per their requirements. We have developed a high-quality and most efficient air cooled pump with is specially manufactured for heavy duty and high-temperature applications.

Air-cooled pump

By respecting our client’s requirement and their industrial needs we work in depth while manufacturing our air cooled pump to get desired results. Air cooled pumps is manufactured for hot water, propylene glycol and triethylene glycol, ethylene, boiler feed and many other heat transfer applications. It also includes a shaft mounted a fan to provide easy airflow over the cooling fins of the pump. Our air cooled design discard the need for external water cooling for the bearings and mechanical seal.


How it works?

In our air cooled pump isolated liquid or fluid is circulated through an air-cooled heat exchanger by an auxiliary impeller located on the rotor assembly. The innovative design of our air cooled pumps allows the motor and bearing environment to be at a much lower temperature than the process liquid or fluid. By enabling the use of standard bearing and motor insulation significantly reducing both first and long-term operating.


Technical Specification:

Type: Chemical Pump – Air Cooled Pump

Operating Range: Capacity: up to 180 m3/hr

Head: up to 80 Meter

Pressure: up to 8 kg/cm2

Size: 32 mm to 80 mm

Speed: up to 3500 rpm

Temp: up to 250 C

M.O.C.: Grey Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Alloy Cast Steel


The best part?

  • Standard motor insulation and bearings
  • Low maintenance
  • High strength
  • Premium quality corrosion resistant construction materials
  • Centerline supported casing
  • Easy installation process

Applications and Industries can take advantage of it:

  • Construction industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Textile industries
  • Food industries
  • Sugar industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Paper and pulp industries and many others.

Air cooled pump manufactured by Sujal Engineering is the most running and preferred choice by various industries in the market. Our air cooled pump are the fully integrated industrial pump. If you are looking for the best air cooled pump then feel free to contact us by Clicking Here. Our executives will get back to you with more information.

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