Air-Cooled Thermic Fluid Pump For Namkeen Plant

Air Cooled Thermic Fluid Pump For Namkeen Plant

Air Cooled Thermic Fluid Pump For Namkeen Plant

Air Cooled thermic fluid pump is a single stage, horizontal and single suction volute type air-cooled centrifugal pumps. It has a closed impeller and a pump shaft which is supported by two heavy duty ball bearings, heat-resistant mechanical seal and a suction flange on the front and axial.

Importance of pump in the food industry

In a major application of the food, industry pump plays a very important role in transferring the liquids from one place to another. Especially, in the Namkeen plant, hot edible oil is often found because it is used to fry the snacks, namkeen, and various other food items. That is the reason industrial pumps play a very important role in transferring the edible oil pump

Understanding the structure of the pump and its working mechanism:


These pumps are mechanically designed to maximize the mechanical seal and ball bearing from the source of heat that constitutes the pump casing, placing between both thermal barriers, cooling the mechanical seal housing and bearing support by natural convection.

Pump Casing

The impeller of the air-cooled thermic fluid pumps is a single entry, closed type and dynamically balanced. The impeller has back ring & holes between each fin for the axial balancing of pressures.

Shaft and Support

The impeller is mounted on the end of the shaft. The shaft is designed to be able to withstand all mechanical and thermal efforts generated during operation of the pump with minimum deflection. The bearing housing is made of cast iron and apart from serving as the shaft support, it also houses the mechanical seal. It is equipped with external cooling wings.

Shaft Seal & Bearings

Shaft sealing is possible by means of a high-security mechanical seal, placed in the bearing housing, close to the second ball bearing near to the shaft end. This means that the seal is housed in allow temperature zone, given the distance from the pump casing, thus obtaining a long life for the seal. The first ball bearing near to the casing is lubricated by pumped liquid. A safety stuffing box with the following throttling area is arranged in front of the first ball bearing and mechanical seal. Even in case of failure of the mechanical seal, these additional safety elements prevent seepage from emerging in a hazardous quantity and manner. The second ball bearing is located near the end of the shaft and lubricated by grease for life.

Materials used

In order to take the load of hot edible oil, the pump casing and impeller are manufactured using Nodular Cast Iron JS 1025 which is very resistant to high temperatures. Stuffing box and bearing housing are made with cast iron (GG 26) Shaft are made with very high tensile strength material 410 stainless steel.

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Technical Specification:

Type: Chemical Pump – Air Cooled Pump
Capacity: 10 to 400 m³/hr
Head: 5 to 100 mtr
Discharge Size: Dn 32 to 100 mm
Suction Flange: NB 40 to 125
Temperature: 100 to 350°
Speed: 1500 to 3000 rpm
Pressure: 16 kg/cm2

Application of air-cooled thermic fluid pump: 

  • Namkeen making industries
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Oil Industries
  • Synthetic – fiber industries
  • Textile, dyeing, printing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • Paper & pulp industries
  • Timber processing industries
  • Textile industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Construction industries

Important features:

  • External cooling not required
  • Efficient radial multi-vane closed type impeller
  • High efficiency
  • Heavy duty design
  • Back pull out design ensures quick and easy maintenance
  • Safety packing to eliminate contamination entering the mechanical seal
  • Large mechanical seal reservoir ensures adequate lubrication to the mechanical seal
  • Shaft sealing by a standard balanced mechanical seal
  • Flexible bearing option
  • Heat resistant mechanical seal

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