Benefits Of Using Slurry Pumps In AAC Blocks Plant – Detailed Guide

Benefits Of Using Slurry Pumps In AAC Blocks Plant

Benefits Of Using Slurry Pumps In AAC Blocks Plant

As the time is changing, technologies are evolving. Things are getting modern and convenient. Yes, we are talking about Autoclaved aerated concrete referred to AAC Block. In today’s time, AAC is used instead of simple bricks during the building construction. AAC products are manufactured with a very high heat and pressure under the conclave. AAC bricks are made by using the slurry ash of thermal power plants. AAC blocks have several advantages over the normal bricks. As it is highly recitative to the thermal, it is used for both interior and exterior construction. AAC is well suited for the multi-story building and those with a high-temperature variation. And the best part is, it is very light in weight.

Transfer of ash slurry

In countries like India and China, most of the electricity is produced through the thermal power plant, we have an abundance of fly ash. So AAC blocks are the best way to recycle the ash slurry into a valuable construction material. The quantity of slurry is quite high. That needed to be handled carefully. So to transfer that slurry from mixing section to plant, Slurry Pump is required. Slurry Pump is a high standard pump which is capable of carrying the wet mixture with high transfer speed.

Slurry Pumps For AAC Blocks Plant

Slurry Pump in AAC block plant

Slurry Pump is widely used in AAC block plants where a large amount of slurry needs to be transferred. During the manufacturing, the AAC slurry also becomes aggressive, due to variation in temperature. But the Slurry Pump is designed with parallel resistance of the fluid. It means the corrosivity of fluid doesn’t impact the body of the pump. So there is not any possibility of plant damage due to pump failure.

Salient Features:

  • Replaceable parts
  • Erosion resistance body
  • Reliable construction
  • Quick maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Two parts casing

Technical Specification:

  • Range: 3″ to 12″ (75mm to 300 mm)
  • Capacity: 45m3/hr – 800m3/hr
  • Heads to: 10m to 35m
  • Pressure to: 3.5kg

Slurry Pumps For AAC Blocks Plant

That’s not all

Slurry Pump manufactured by Sujal Engineering is one of the robust and premium pumps among all the products. Its rigid construction gives it a long age and good working condition. It can transfer various kinds of fluids from one place to another without any leakage. Its superior performance in handling of large corrosive and abrasive slurries makes it the most demanding pump in industries.

The best part is

Sujal Engineering is the leading manufacturer of a great variety of industrial pumps. We have given numerous pumping solutions to Ceramic Industries, Sugar Plants, Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Textile Industries, Paper Mills and many more industries. We manufacture the standard pumps by keeping utmost precision that suits our client’s industrial requirements.