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Sujal Engineering is a leading company specializing in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps, chemical pumps and associated equipment, primarily for chemical, food, textile, ceramic, laminate, automobile, paper industries, solvent transfers, heat exchangers, and many other industrial markets. Sujal has just dispatched multiple orders of centrifugal and chemical pumps to the reputed chemical industry. 

The esteemed chemical industry with a strong reputation in the chemical sector and vast knowledge of the market, coupled with our bespoke centrifugal and chemical pumps for bringing a winning proposition of strong technology and manufacturing. 

Our pump’s adaptability to industrial needs makes it a powerful tool for industries to achieve targets. With their high efficiencies, our industrial pumps are all set to meet the requirements of future energy efficiency regulations. 

At Sujal Engineering, we address all the challenges to create a world-class range of industrial pumps that are well suited for all pressure applications from low to high. 

Here in this blog, we have compiled some of the details of why the chemical industry chose our pumps, what is centrifugal and chemical pumps, their benefits and applications, how these pumps work in the chemical industry, and more.

Why Did The Reputed Chemical Industry Chose Sujal Engineering Pumps?

Sujal Engineering pumps were primarily chosen due to their high efficiency and resulting low energy consumption.

At Sujal Engineering, we manufacture pumps for transferring corrosive fluids, like acids, slurries, and wastewater drainage, and designed with corrosion resistance to reduce repair and replacement expenses. 

By using our chemical-resistant pump, industries can reduce the environmental impact of corroded cast iron pumps. Built to be sturdy and to resist a variety of chemicals, it assures that no damage is caused due to chemicals.

What Is A Centrifugal Pump?

A centrifugal pump is a mechanical device used to move fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy from one or more driven rotors, known as impellers. 

Fluid enters the pump impeller along its axis and is accelerated out by centrifugal force.


This action of the impeller results in the increase of the fluid’s velocity and pressure, that directs it towards the pump outlet.

The pump casing is innovatively designed to narrow the fluid from the inlet, channel it into the impeller, and then it slows down and control the fluid before getting discharged.

Due to its high flow rate capabilities, abrasive solution compatibility, as well as their relatively simple engineering, it is the best choice in the industries.

What Is A Chemical Pump?

When the regular pumps can’t help, chemical pumps come to the rescue.

Chemical pumps are used to transfer chemicals and chemical slurries. They are specially designed to be corrosion and abrasive resistant to industrial liquids such as solvents, bleach, paint, etc.

Sujal New Chemical Pumps 2022

These pumps are also used to transfer liquids at high pressure. It is also found helpful in providing flow measurement and control for applications that require precise volumes of chemicals.

Chemical pumps become necessary for industries moving corrosive and abrasive liquids of various levels of viscosity, such as sulphuric acids, acetic acid, and sodium hypochlorite.

Chemical pumps are more durable compared to conventional pumps and easily pump hot, cold, explosive, aggressive, toxic, volatile, and contaminated liquids.

They are mainly used in food processing, petrochemical, and chemical industries, as well as in the off-site application of high-temperature heating systems. 

How Do Centrifugal & Chemical Pumps Work In Chemical Industry?

Due to the corrosive and harsh nature of chemicals, they must be handled carefully. Hence, ideal pump selection is crucial to withstand the specific corrosive chemicals.

In many chemical industries, valuable chemical compounds such as solvents, acids, polymers, etc., are used in the production process. This creates the requirement of effective fluid management to ensure a safe environment and a productive manufacturing process.

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Centrifugal and Chemical pumps are unique and the perfect choice for chemical industries, because they have the capability to provide high flow rates and changes, which can be done in the flow rates according to the TDH of the piping system.

These pumps are ideal for many industrial applications from storage and unloading to filtration and circulation.

 Both pumps work with maximum efficiency to provide optimum performance and reliability with great stability at various operating points.

Technical Specifications Of Centrifugal & Chemical Pumps 

Type End-Suction and Back-Pullout Type Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Pump (with Semi-Open Impeller)
Capacity up to 1100 m3/hr up to 48 m3/hr
Head up to 150 Meter up to 60 Meter
Pressure up to 15 kg/cm2 up to 6 kg/cm2
Size 25mm to 300mm 25 mm to 65 mm
Speed up to 3500 rpm up to 3500 rpm
Temperature up to 350° C up to 135° C
M.O.C. CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C, CD4MCU, etc… CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C, CD4MCU, etc…

Salient Features Of Centrifugal & Chemical Pump 

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasive Resistance  
  • Highly Resilient
  • Energy-Saving
  • Easy Flow
  • Low Maintenance
  • Size & Application Flexible
  • Robust construction

Applications Of Centrifugal & Chemical Pump 

  • Hot and Cold Water Circulation
  • Cooling Towers Installation
  • Chemical Plants
  • Slurry transfer
  • Acid transfer
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Thermic Fluid Boiler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Chemical Industries
  • Sugar Plants
  • Textile Industries
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Solvent Transfer
  • Food Industries
  • Laminate Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Seawater and in many more industries and applications

Sujal Engineering – A Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps In Ahmedabad, India.

In the fast-growing chemical industries, there is a considerable demand for high-performing industrial pumps that are maintenance-free and also meet various industrial challenges.

Whether you’re looking for pumps to handle abrasive slurries, viscous fluids, or high-temperature liquids – you can trust Sujal Engineering to provide you with a reliable pumping solution. 

Sujal Engineering is a no.1 manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and chemical pumps. With a long history of manufacturing high-quality industrial pumps, our pumps assure you of efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

Besides centrifugal pumps and chemical pumps, we also manufacture other pumps like air-cooled pumps, vertical pumps, rotary gear pumps, slurry pumps, and more. Visit our product page to explore our complete range of industrial pumps.

For any further information on our products, requirements for industrial pumps or interest in upgrading your existing industrial pump, get in touch by email at sujalpumps@gmail.com  or visit our contact page.

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