Centrifugal Pumps for Energy and Industrial Applications – The Ultimate Guide

Centrifugal Pumps for Energy and Industrial Applications The Ultimate Guide

Centrifugal Pumps for Energy and Industrial Applications The Ultimate Guide

Sujal Engineering has a decade of experience to manufacture different industrial pumps for various applications. We have a team of experts to develop superior quality and highly efficient industrial pumps.

Centrifugal pump plays a vital role in many energy and industries applications to transfer corrosive, abrasive, aggressive, and hazardous liquids. Sujal Engineering has developed specially designed centrifugal process pumps that widely used to transfer and handle liquids in energy and industrial applications.

Our superior quality centrifugal process pumps are the most advanced pumps used in industries like chemicals, ceramic, oil refineries, pharmaceutical, power plants, etc..

Centrifugal Process Pumps: 

Sujal Engineering is a well-known manufacturer of centrifugal process pumps. With the help of our top-notch engineering team, modern technology, and the latest technology we can deliver excellent quality of centrifugal pumps to our clients for their industrial needs.

Our centrifugal process pumps are the most preferred industrial pumps for energy and industrial applications for their different characteristics. Our centrifugal process pumps are manufactured using graded cast iron carbon steel and many other materials. We also provide other optional accessories which include M.S Fabricated base frame, the superior quality of flexible coupling & coupling guard and Foundation Bolts.

Working Principle:

Our centrifugal pump used to transfer the liquid, oil, slurry and other chemicals from one place to another point. Using a suction pipe, impeller, casing, vanes, and shaft, it can be possible. In a centrifugal pump, the impeller plays the primary role. When any liquid enters through the suction pipe, the impeller vanes to push the fluid in a casing. The impeller rotates inside the casing about some axis. The impeller connected to the shaft and rotary power to supply to this impeller with the help of an electric motor. Generally, the electric motor used to run the impeller of the centrifugal pump.

Our impellers have vanes, and when fluids or any liquid enters inside the casing, the impeller starts rotating and also the liquid begins to rotate with the impeller vanes. The impeller vanes are forcing the liquid to move. Then the centrifugal force is developed, and the fluid content tries to move to the inner peripheral surface of the casing. Over the inner peripheral surface, the high-pressure fluid is collected and then due to the pressure the liquid goes to the discharge point, which is also called a delivery pipe. The centrifugal pump is doing two things. First, the energy imparted to a liquid in the form of velocity. Second, that energy converted into a steady flow.

Technical Specification:

Type: End-Suction and Back-Pullout Type Centrifugal Pump
Capacity: up to 1100 m3/hr
Head:  up to 150 Meter
Pressure:  up to 15 kg/cm2
Size: 25mm to 300mm
Speed: up to 3500 rpm
Temperature: up to 350° C
M.O.C.: CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C, CD4MCU, etc……

Salient Features: 

  • Heavy-duty process design
  • High Efficiency
  • The back pullout design makes the inspection and maintenance process easy.
  • Low maintenance
  • High productivity due to three bearing design

If you are looking for a centrifugal process pump, then Sujal Engineering is the best choice for you. The centrifugal pump is the most highly efficient industrial pump. Feel free to contact us for any industrial pumps requirements. Our team will get back to you with more useful information.

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