Industrial Pumps For Canadian Industries

Industrial Pumps For Canadian Industries

Industrial Pumps For Canadian Industries

Sujal Engineering was established in 2009 as manufacturers and suppliers of industrial pumps which are used in pharmaceutical, construction, oil refinery, mineral processing and various other industries.

Our pumps have the capacity and proven record to solve your fluid handling challenges. Sujal Engineering has developed a wide range of industrial pumps for Canadian industries. In Canada industries like textile, pharmaceutical, construction, water and wastewater, cooling towers and numbers of other industries can take a huge advantage of our premium industrial pumps.

Here are the top most pumps which can be used in Canadian Industries:

#1. Centrifugal Process Pump:

Centrifugal Process Pump is the first choice of Canadian market due to its various features. It is the most common pump that converts mechanical energy of a motor into kinetic and then in potential energy in the form of pressure energy of the pumped fluid that helps in transfer the liquid or fluid from one place to another.
Our centrifugal pump makes your task easier and can provide you the desired result.

Centrifugal Process Pump

Technical Specification:
Type: End-Suction and Back-Pullout Type Centrifugal Pump
Capacity: up to 1100 m3/hr
Head: up to 150 Meter
Pressure: up to 15 kg/cm2
Size: 25mm to 300mm
Speed: up to 3500 rpm
Temperature: up to 350° C
M.O.C.: CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C,CD4MCU, etc…….

2. Filter Press Pump:

We have designed our powerful Filter Press Pump used to filtrate suspensions under high pressurized conditions in order to separate the liquids and solids. Our filter press pump is capable to work under very high back pressure.

Filter press pump is also called marine hydraulic pump, vane pump, dredge pump, denison hydraulic pump in the market. Under the experienced team, our pump has been developed that curves for the energy efficient, easy maintenance with replaceable parts.

Filter Press Pump

Technical Specification:

Type: Side Suction Centrifugal Pump (With semi-open Impeller)
Capacity: up to 100 m3/hr
Head: up to 95 mtr
Pressure: up to 10 kg/cm2
Size: 40 mm to 65 mm
Speed: up to 2900 rpm
Temperature: up to 300° C
M.O.C.: CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy B or C,CD4MCU,etc…….

We provide M.S. fabricated base frame, flexible coupling, coupling guard and foundation bolt with filter press pump.

3. Air-Cooled Pump:

Sujal Engineering has designed a special air-cooled thermic fluid pump with the closed impeller for high-temperature applications.

In our air-cooled thermic fluid pump isolated liquid is circulated through an air-cooled heat exchanger by an auxiliary impeller located on the rotor assembly and our innovative design allows the motor and bearing environment to be at a much lower temperature than the process fluid.

Air Cooled Pump

Technical Specification:
Type: Chemical Pump – Air Cooled Pump
Capacity: up to 180 m3/hr
Head: up to 80 Meter
Pressure: up to 8 kg/cm2
Size: 32 mm to 80 mm
Speed: up to 3500 rpm
Temp: up to 250 C
M.O.C.: Grey Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Alloy Cast Steel

This all are the best and the finest quality of industrial pumps which can be the best problem-solving pumps for the Canadian Industries. Sujal Engineering can provide accurate sized pumps and pump system selection that meet any customer needs. If you are looking for the highly-efficient industrial pumps for your industrial applications then feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our team will contact you for with detailed information.