Slurry Pump For Mining Solutions

Slurry Pump For Mining Solutions

Slurry Pump For Mining Solutions

A pump is a device used to increase the pressure of a fluid by giving it the driving force required for flow. Slurry Pumps are used to do the same especially to transfer industrial slurry from one point to another. Sujal Engineering’s pumps are widely recognized and used in the mining industry to cater to challenging slurries like mining slurry, sand slurry, and mineral slurry.Slurry Pump For MiningOur pumps can be used to convey hazardous, corrosive and abrasive slurry with a low amount of energy. The pumps are available as a single as well as double-acting models which assure high function and increased performance with low operating and maintenance costs.  The parts of the pump which come in contact with the mining slurry, sand slurry and mineral slurry to be pumped which are made of either stainless steel or cast steel.

Working Principle Of Slurry Pumps                                                                                 

The Working Principle is that slurry enters the pump through the eye of the rotating impeller which imparts a circular motion. The slurry is thrown outwards by centrifugal force and travels between the blades of the impeller. The slurry attains a high speed by the time it reaches on the edge of the impeller. In the casing, its high-speed energy is converted into pressure energy. The pumps increase the pressure of a liquid and solid particles with the help of centrifugal force and convert electric energy into kinetic energy to pump the slurry. This mechanism makes pumping hazardous and light slurry liquids easy and maintenance free.

Technical Specification:

Range: 3″ to 12″ (75mm to 300 mm)
Capacity: 10,000 gpm (2257 m³/hr)
Heads to:  240 ft (73 m)
Pressure to:  150 psi (1,035 kPa)

Important features of Slurry Pump for the mining industry

1) Low and easy maintenance inspite of abrasive mining, sand and mineral slurry

The liquid which comes in direct contact during the mining operation is often dirty and contains foreign materials such as drill cuttings and suspended solids generated by underground ramp traffic. Our slurry pumps are able to dewater the area and keep it clean. The entire operation is easy maintenance.

2) Simple and robust mechanism so less corrosion

The fluids containing mining, sand and mineral slurry could be extremely volatile and can range from superheated water laden with pyrite, iron or sand, to emulsified brine phase. These fluids can corrode the mining assembly overtime and hence an industrial centrifugal stainless steel pump is of extreme importance here. Sujal Engineering pumps are hence the first choice product for critical process operations which can successfully manage the stress.

3) Fewer instances of overheating

Suspended solids can cause overheating by accumulating in the cooling chamber and, if concentrated enough, can damage the mining assembly chamber.

4) Pumps and its components are lined with abrasion resistant materials

Mining slurries tend to be abrasive and need to be pumped out immediately for the smooth functioning of a system.

Here’s the deal:

Sujal Engineering has designed and manufactured high-performance slurry pumps for the mining industry. We have also developed a wide range of slurry pumps which are specially designed for the mining industries in South Africa. Mining industries like coal mining, gold mining, iron ore, smelting etc. can take huge advantage of our slurry pumps.

Our high-pressure industrial slurry pump is the best pump on the market for transferring the slurry. If you are looking for a slurry pump for your industry application feel free to contact us, to know more about our industrial pumps visit our website:

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