Slurry Pumps For The Mining Industries In South Africa

Slurry Pumps For The Mining Industries In South Africa

Slurry Pumps For The Mining Industries In South Africa

Mining industry is on huge growth in the South African market. As per the statistics mining sector contributed R 18 billion to the South African economy. In 2014 total 495,568 people were employed in the mining sector in South Africa.

But there’s a catch.

There are numbers of mining industries in South Africa who are working hard to contribute their global economy but to run their industries properly they are not able to get the machinery which works 24/7. Pumping issues is one the large issues the industries are facing. Transferring slurry from one place to another is the biggest headache for every mining industry owners.

Industrial pump suppliers are still not able to make pumps that work properly and consistently. Small problems are continuously arising on daily basis and because of that, they have to stop the plant at that time.

Every mining industries are looking for the best industrial pumps manufacturers who can solve this problem for long period. So, they can work constantly and can generate good results.

Here’s the deal:

Sujal Engineering comes with an innovative solution for the mining sector. We have developed the most advanced Industrial Slurry Pumps for the mining industries in the South African market which can solve the problem of transferring slurry from one place to another.

Slurry Pumps For The Mining Industries

Slurry Pump by Sujal Engineering is capable enough to handle the high abrasive media. It is specially designed for working in the toughest applications in the mining industry.

Sujal Engineering designs Slurry Pumps which are the most trusted and highly-efficient pumps for mining industries. Slurry Pumps is also known as sludge pump, industrial slurry pumps, trash pump, sand pump, sand dredger, etc in the market.

What’s the real story?

The Slurry Pump is a type of lobe pump, centrifugal pump or peristaltic hose pump which increases the pressure of solid and liquid particle mixture through centrifugal force or converts electrical energy into slurry kinetic and potential energy.

Then the Slurry Pump processes and moves the waste fluids with high solids content and Slurry Pump requires a high-powered mechanism to move fluids.

For transferring mining slurries in mining industry the Slurry Pumps are used.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Medium Duty Slurry
Capacity: 7,000 GPM (1,600 m3/h)
Head: 240 feet (73 m)
Pressure: 150 PSIG (1,034 kPa)
Solid:  to 2.25 inches (57 mm)
Temperature: 250¡ã F (120¡ã C)
Materials: Cast Iron, High Chrome Iron, 316SS, CD4MCu, Endura Chrome

Salient features:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • High resistance and long working life.
  • Small power consuming which reduce a lot of energy and light in weight.
  • Made maintenance quick and easy.
  • Replacement of wearing parts can be done in the field.

Best Part

Sujal Engineering Slurry pumps are used to transfer the slurries, which can be abrasive and thick. In the process of benefaction, one of the most abrasive slurries are produced and these abrasive slurries must be able to produce high flow rates or to operate under high pressure.

Sujal Engineering Slurry Pumps are useful in every different situation and these pumps maintain high-efficiency pumping operation in the mining industry. We have uniquely design top most quality of slurry pumps keeping mining industry pumping solutions in mind. You can check our website or contact us to know more about our slurry pumps information:

We also manufacture a wide range of industrial pumps for various requirements. Feel free to contact us our team will get back to you with more certain information.

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