Vertical Pump – Superior For Performance And Reliability

Vertical pump

Vertical pump

Sujal Engineering has introduced a newly designed Vertical Pump, the SVSP series. Sujal Engineering is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Pumps from last 10 years. Vertical Pump is designed to withstand the most challenging environments. It has great application for water, sewage, slurries and chemical plants.

Our most advanced Vertical Pump is specially designed for the most difficult sump pump applications. The vertical pump is vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. The unique in-line design of our vertical pumps enables installation of the pump in horizontal one pipe systems.

Vertical Pumps

Vertical Pump


We have manufactured our vertical pump for nonresidential applications and already helping many companies by providing the best vertical pumps. Our pump is highly recognized for quality purpose. It covers a wide range of hydraulic condition to meet virtually every pumping service in the industry and optimum efficiency.

Technical Specification:

Type: Side Suction Centrifugal Pump (With semi-open impeller)

Capacity: up to 300 m3/hr

Head: up to 35 mtr

Pressure: up to 3.5 kg/cm2

Size: 25mm to 125mm

Speed: up to 2900

Temperature: up to 50° C

M.O.C.: CI, CS, SS304 / 316, SS 304 L/ 316L, Alloy 20, Hast Alloy B or C,CD$MCU, etc

Sujal Engineers offers a complete range of pumps specially in vertical pumps with unrivaled reliability and engineering technology to match the client’s exact requirement.

Features of Vertical Pumps:

  • Low noise level
  • Energy efficient
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Robust design
  • High capacity
  • Gland packing
  • Long life

Application of Vertical Pumps:

  • Water Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Dairy Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Liquid transfer
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Chemical Industries
  • Sea water and raw water intake
  • Sewage and slurries


Our high-pressure vertical pump is reliable and efficient when handling abrasive material or viscous fluids. The arrangement ensures a compact design and calls for simpler piping systems.

If you are looking for best vertical pumps for your requirement Click Here and let us know your exact requirement. Our representatives will contact you and provides more information.