Industrial Pump for Abrasive Slurries

Industrial Pump for Abrasive Slurries

Industrial Pump for Abrasive Slurries

Importance of slurry pump

Slurry Pump is one of the most widely used industrial pumps to transport abrasive slurry and high concentration slurry. Many industries like mining, power, steel, chemical, ceramic etc. use a slurry pump to handle thick, high-density slurries, solids-filled slurries or abrasive fluids. The slurry pump is the most ideal pump that easily moves ores like coal, iron and other various types of mining waste.

Slurry pumps offer high reliability, durability and it has an advantage of low power consumption. This pump is capable enough to handle tough and abrasive duties.

But there’s a catch

From last many decades, many manufacturing industries are playing a major role in our global economy by developing industrial pumps. They are working hard to design and evolve heavy-duty pumps for their industry to detach chemical, water, slurry and sewage. As the days are passed away the pumps are getting slow down and not capable enough to give that much power to transport high hardness solid particles and other corrosive liquids.

After facing these all issues, they are looking for high capacity pumps which easily transfer slurry from one place to another. Or the best performance pump which works properly and consistently.

Here’s the deal

Sujal Engineering has designed and evolved high-performance slurry pumps which easily transfer slurry from one place to another. Our pumps are installed in many reputed industries like mining, chemical, steel etc. We design a wide range of high-pressure slurry pumps which gives the best performance of transferring the slurry.

high-pressure slurry pump

Industries can take advantage of our highly-efficient pumps which are specially designed to work in the toughest applications.

Technical Specifications

Range: 3″ to 12″ (75mm to 300 mm)
Capacity: 10,000 gpm (2257 m³/hr)
Heads to:  240 ft (73 m)
Pressure to:  150 psi (1,035 kPa)

The Best Part.

Sujal Engineering is one of the well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high-pressure industrial pumps. Our pumps are designed by the team of experts who have a high experience in serving high capacity pumps. They design and evolve pumps by using the latest technology that fits the client’s requirement.

Our industrial pumps are admired by industries for the best performance of transferring slurry from one place to another. We also evolve a wide range of industrial pumps like Slurry Pump, Centrifugal Pump, and Rotary Gear Pump etc.

If you have any requirement of industrial pumps for your current application, then feel free to contact us our executive will get back to you with the most effective solution.

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