Powerful Slurry Pump for Mining Applications – [Effective Guide]

Powerful Slurry Pump for Mining Applications – Effective Guide

Powerful Slurry Pump for Mining Applications – Effective Guide

Mining is the process of extracting valuable or geological materials from the earth. Mining is designed for the recovery of Ores which includes metals, coal, oil shale, gemstones, dimension stones, rock salt, gravel and clay.

The materials which cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created artificially in a factory the mining is designed. Mining is also used for the process of extracting any non-renewable resource such as petroleum, natural gas, or water.

There are numbers of different mining industries are doing this process of extracting valuable materials.

Types of Mining Industries:

  • Coal mining
  • Gold mining
  • Diamond mining
  • Platinum and palladium mining
  • Chromium mining
  • Uranium mining
  • Manganese mining

Growth of Mining Industries in South Africa:

In the mining sector, the growth of South Africa is on high demand for an industrial support that would turn the South African economy into a mining powerhouse. South Africa plays a major role in mining by boasting a production expertise and development activities. South Africa mining industry is the world’s largest producer of manganese, platinum and palladium. And world’s best coal exporter and they use coal for their power production.

In Platinum mining, South Africa provides 80% of the world’s total supplies which is such a huge thing. In past, the South Africa mining sector provided numbers of critical mass to industries which are either suppliers or users of the products for the mining industry.

But there’s a catch.

After having a conversation with the numbers of mining owners in South Africa, we found that the major issue they are facing is of transferring the abrasive liquid from one place to another. The existing pump in their plants is not capable enough to transfer the liquid or the unnecessary problem occurs while doing such process.

That’s not all…

Due to the problem in pumps, the whole mining plants get to be closed and the workers have to wait for some time until the pumps are ready to work. Because of delay, the clients have to wait for the end product.

Here’s the deal:

Sujal Engineering comes with an innovative solution in his new design Slurry Pumps to provide various solutions for mining industries and also for gold processing. Our slurry pumps are used for transporting corrosive/abrasive and high concentration slurry to the mining industries such as gold, silver, iron ore, diamond, platinum etc.

Slurry Pump for Mining

Slurry Pump is mainly used for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty uses. Slurry Pump moves the volume of slurry and used for the disposal of ash from fossil fuel power plants.

The mining by dredges, land reclamation, manufacture of fertilizers is done by slurry pumps.

Technical Specifications:-

Type: Medium Duty Slurry
Capacity: 7,000 GPM (1,600 m/3h)
Head: 240 feet (73 m)
Pressure: 150 PSIG (1,034 kPa)
Solid: to 2.25 inches (57 mm)
Temperature: 250iã F (120¡ã C)
Materials: Cast Iron, High Chrome Iron, 316SS, CD4MCu, Endura Chrome

Features of Slurry Pump

  • The highly tested slurry pumps for heavy-duty uses.
  • Saves energy.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Long working life.
  • Converts electrical energy into slurry potential and kinetic energy using centrifugal force.
  • Capacity to provide high pressure.

Benefits of Slurry Pump

  • High elasticity same as rubber.
  • Advanced Packing system.
  • Long working life.
  • Highly Resistant.

The Best Part?

Sujal Engineering provides high-quality slurry pumps for mining and mineral processing. We provide best slurry pumps for your industry which converts electrical energy into slurry potential and kinetic energy.

Our Slurry pumps are designed to transport highly abrasive and concentration slurries for many industries. We designed unique slurry pumps to complete all requirements related to mining. We have approximately 15 years of experience in pumps for mining industries.

Sujal Engineering is always ready for providing best solutions of Slurry pumps. For more information check our website to know more about our best slurry pumps: www.sujalpumps.com

We manufacture various types of industrial pumps for multiple requirements. You can freely contact us our team will provide you more information.

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